Ideas For Using Glass In Your Home

14 May 2018
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Using glass in your home is a good way to make your rooms seem larger and seem less cluttered. Glass is used for many purposes in home decorating, and it can be used in just about every room in your home. Here are a few ideas for using glass in different rooms.

Bathroom Shelves

Small bathrooms look cluttered when you add shelves and other accessories to the space. However, you need a few shelves to hold the things you use often or to hold small plants. Glass is a good choice for shelving since it is nearly invisible. It blends into the wall so it makes the room seem a little bigger. Plus the transparent quality of glass lets light shine through it so the room might be a little brighter too. Glass used for shelving has safety features that make it durable and prevent injuries. The glass is thick and the corners are rounded so there are no sharp points.

Kitchen Cabinets

Make your kitchen seem brighter and more open by having glass installed in the cabinets. It's better than using open shelves because your dishes are protected from dust. Glass-front cabinets have the added benefit of helping with décor by putting your prettiest dishes on display. Glass for kitchen cabinets is clear, frosted, or etched depending on how much of the contents you want to reveal.

Dining Room Table

If your dining room table is a family heirloom, you want to protect it for as long as possible. Do that by having a glass topper custom made to fit the table. The beauty of the table underneath will show through, but the glass will protect it from spills and gouges. The glass adds charm to the table and makes it easy to keep clean without harming it with cleaning products.

Living Room Mirror

A good way to use glass in the living room is in the form of a mirror. A large wall mirror makes the room look twice as large. It also reflects light so the room is bright and cheery. A glass installation company can make a mirror any shape and size you want. A large round mirror adds a unique touch to the room, but you may prefer to have an entire wall covered with a mirror for a more uniform effect.

Glass is a useful decorating tool even if it is plain and transparent. However, it can also take on many appearances by having it etched, frosted, or even stained. Stained glass is elegant and it makes a nice addition to a door or window that receives sunlight that lights up the glass. There are many ways to use glass to decorate your home, and it's especially useful when you want a sleek and less cluttered look in your rooms.