4 Windshield Issues That Require Immediate Auto Glass Repair

9 June 2021
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While auto glass technology has evolved over the years, windshields are still vulnerable to damage because of their forward-facing position and exposure. A good windshield gives you a clear view of the road while protecting you from the elements and debris. Driving with a damaged windshield puts you and other motorists at risk. This is a good reason to invest in auto glass repair in case of any damage.

This post examines some of the main windshield damages that indicate that you should take your car in for immediate repairs.

1. Weather Damage

After an extreme weather incident, have your car checked for auto glass damage. If you're in a storm-prone area, for instance, your car windows might suffer both visible and invisible damage. An auto glass technician carries out diagnostic tests on all the windows for weather damage and carries out repairs.

2. Loose Chips Damage

Loose chips and other small materials on the road blown by other cars or the wind can cause window damage. When you drive with a chipped windshield, you extend the damage and also expose yourself to other risks. A chipped windshield causes poor visibility and compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle.  

Your auto technician examines the damage to determine the feasibility of auto glass repairs. If the chip damage is in your line of vision, the windshield has to be replaced. For a lasting windshield replacement, look for a reputable auto glass company and choose their best products.

3. Windshield Crack Damage

Auto glass is prone to cracks in case of heavy impact. Cracks are common during collisions, and this kind of damage affects the strength of the windshield. If a crack starts on the edge of the windshield, you might notice a haze caused by the separation of the laminated glass panes.

Cracks vary from crack chips, stress cracks, half-moon cracks, long cracks, surface pits, bullseye chips, or a combination of these cracks. When you repair windshield cracks promptly, you can reduce further damage. When you drive a cracked windshield, the damage extends, and you'll have to replace the auto glass.

4. Moisture Damage

The best windshield systems feature laminated glass panes separated with poly-vinyl-butyral (PVB). In case of a crack, the panes can separate, and this leaves room for moisture entry. Small cracks, which you would otherwise repair, extend when water leaks in.

The water inside the glass freezes in winter and then expands in hot weather and these fluctuations damage the auto glass. If you notice signs of moisture between the panes of your windshield, visit an auto glass dealer for a professional checkup and repair.

A well-maintained windshield protects you, maintains the car's aesthetics, and enhances the structural integrity of your car's roof. If you have problems with your car's windshield, find the best auto glass repair shop in your area.