Driving Tips For Post Windshield Replacement

17 February 2017
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If you are going to have the windshield replaced in your car, then it is important that you know how to safely drive your vehicle post-installation. If you operate your car too soon or make other common driving errors too soon after its installation, then your new windshield will not cure properly and may need to be replaced a second time. To protect your car's new windshield, follow these important driving tips:

Tip: Don't Drive Your Vehicle for at Least an Hour After a Windshield Replacement

Since windshield adhesive always has a cure time of at least an hour, it is vital that you do not drive your car for over an hour after a windshield replacement. To ensure that the glue properly cures, speak with your installer about the exact cure time for the adhesive brand that they use. Don't drive your car before the adhesive cures or the glass will move and the windshield will leak. 

Tip: Crack Open a Car Window

As soon as you get your car back from the glass shop, crack open one of its windows. Cracking a window allows you to close the car's door without building up any pressure inside of the vehicle. This slight pressure can push outward on the new windshield and cause it to move if the adhesive hasn't completely cured yet. 

Tip: Avoid Driving on Dusty or Bumpy Roads

When you new windshield's adhesive is still tacky, it can trap dust and dirt. To keep these contaminates out of your windshield's glue, avoid driving on dusty roads in the days following its windshield replacement. In addition, you should do everything you can to avoid driving on bumpy roads. Driving down a gravel road or one with lots of potholes can shake loose the new windshield.

Tip: Inspect Your Car's New Windshield for Movement 

Finally, in the days following the new windshield's installation, you should inspect it each time you drive your car. Look at the seal around the glass to make sure that you do not see bulging or any other signs of the glass having moved after it was set in place. If the glass has moved, then you need to take your car back to the glass installer's shop and have it professionally inspected. Since your car's windshield is a safety feature, it is imperative that it is correctly installed and doesn't move from its installation location.