Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Windows

20 October 2016
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Your windows play a vital role in your house. Most people think that windows are important because they let in light, and although they are fabulous for lighting, they also provide insulation to the house. If your windows are not working properly you can overpay on your utilities, be at risk for break-ins, and have problems with pests. This is why it is important for every homeowner to know what he or she should be looking for in their windows to ensure they are working properly. Here are some tips.

Do You See Dirt, Bugs, Or Debris Inside The Window Panes?

One of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your window is if you actually notice dirt, debris, or bugs within the panes. A window that is working properly should be sealed off. There should be nothing passing through not even air. If you are able to get things big enough like a bug then you can bet that there is lots of air passing through. You should replace that window right away

Does Your Window Reflect The Outdoor Temperature When You Touch It?

Another thing you should be doing often is walking through the house and touching your windows. When a window is working right it will be the temperature of the inside of the house. This means that the window is sealing in the air of the house and is not bringing in anything from outside. For instance, in the winter your window should feel about 65-75 degrees when you touch it. It can be a couple degrees lower or higher than what the house is set at, but it should be pretty close. If it is freezing or multiple degrees off from what the house is, then the window is no longer sealing that area and you can bet that there is a lot of air passing through, costing you more money to heat or cool your house.

Is There A Wheezing Sound Coming From The Window?

You should also be paying attention to any noises that come from the window. For instance, on a windy day if you hear wheezing songs by the window, it means that there is air getting trapped. This means that the window is no longer sealed and needs to be replaced.

By keeping an eye out for these things you can catch problems early on and replace your windows before the problem becomes too severe. For more information, contact companies like Allied Glass & Mirror.