DIY Window Projects: 4 Ingenious Ways You Can Repurpose Your Old Windows

15 July 2015
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Are your home windows worn out and need to be replaced? What in the world are you going to do with them when they are uninstalled? Believe it or not, there are actually some really nifty ideas for those windows. Here are a few resourceful ways to reuse the old ones when they come out:

1. "Instant" Window Art

Do you need to brighten up a space in the home or just want a unique way to display some photographs? Using a window that has the glass broken out of it can be the perfect way to get the job done creatively. You could purchase patterned fabric of your choice (a variety of styles would probably look best) and create your own artwork for the wall. Staples are probably the best way to secure the fabric in the back. Alternatively, you can use family photographs in place of the window glass to create a beautiful statement piece for any room. You could even add some string lights around the edges to help it stand out even more. You can either staple or tape these photos to the back. 

2. Mini Greenhouse

Have you always wanted a greenhouse but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on the material to build one? Use some of your old windows. The options are endless when you do this, from a small table-top to a large walk-in greenhouse. Depending on the size and type that you want to build, you may need a significant number of windows, but if you need more after all of yours are used, you can always pick some up cheap at the flea market or sometimes just by driving around and finding them out for garbage pick-up.

3. Bed Canopy

Do you need a sophisticated focal point in your bedroom? If so, you may want to consider using your old windows to create a canopy above the bed. You'll need to get wire, brackets, and hooks so that you can suspend the windows from the ceiling. Then, you can use sheer fabric to go over the windows and hang down around all the edges. You can add string lighting to make it even more magical. You can leave the frames and window panes the way they are or paint them so that they blend in with the décor.

4. Chalkboard Calendar

This one does require that all the window glass be intact. You can get some chalkboard paint from the store and apply it directly onto the glass. You may need to apply two coats. You can use each pane for a day of the week and then any extra panes for notes, grocery lists, to-do lists, chores, or anything you can think of. If you'd like, you can repaint the frame to match your existing décor. Add a few hooks onto the bottom so that it can be also be used as a hanger for coats, keys, purses and backpacks.

If you just sit down and use your imagination, the number of ideas that you can come up with for your old windows are infinite. Give these a try, or give your own a try. Just don't get so excited about your DIY window projects that you forget to contact a professional, like Five Star Windows Inc, to uninstall your old ones and install new ones.