Fantastic Design Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

3 June 2015
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Some homes, especially starter homes and apartments, are small and offer little space to add storage or unique elements of design. However, by being creative and taking your time, you may be surprised at how you can re-design the smallest room in your small house: the bathroom. Check out these tips to help you create a beautiful, unique bathroom.

Color Can Work Magical Illusions In Small Spaces

In small areas, the color you choose can make a huge difference in how large the area appears. Creating the illusion your bath is bigger is easiest using white or light colors like pale yellows and greens. Using floor-to-ceiling mirrors in a small bath can also help to make it appear larger. Avoid dark colors with the exception of accessories. For example, decorating a white wall with dark blue tiles around a tub does not interfere with the white wall. However, if you painted the wall dark blue, it would make the entire area look smaller.

Storage Does Not Have To Be A Challenge

Building wall shelves can be a good way to increase storage space in a small bathroom. Wall shelving is perfect for storing towels and other toiletries. One great place to add a shelf in a small bathroom is above the door. This type of shelf can also add a unique flair to your bath's design as well. Adding a shelving table underneath a pedestal sink is another way to add extra storage space. Look for tables that are specially made to fit under sinks with exposed pipes, having a V-shaped wedge cut out in them for accommodating the plumbing.

Converting Space Around Your Tub Into Storage

If your bathroom has glass shower doors, you can attach plastic containers to them for holding products like shampoo or bath bubbles. By choosing containers with matching colors, you can create a cool look using them. Always remember to check shower door containers to make sure they high quality suction cups for the best functionality. You might also consider hanging a decorative shower curtain over the outside of your glass shower doors. Some vinyl shower curtains have pockets all over them for storing items like soap and shampoo in, a neat way to add more storage space to a small bath.

You can have a lot of creative fun making a small bath look bigger. Planning your design out before you start painting and tearing down old wallpaper is a good idea for getting the results you can love for a long time. Always remember your bath design will need to be functional while being comforting as well. For more information, contact a business such as Victorville Glass Co Inc.