Windshield Repair You Can Do Yourself

31 March 2015
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If you notice a small cracked area on your windshield, you will want to have it repaired fast in order to stop it from spreading. If you allow the crack to get bigger, it can cause you to need a whole new windshield. Fixing smaller cracks can be done in the comfort of your own driveway. Here are some instructions for you to use for repairing cracked portions of your windshield on your own.

Start By Cleaning

Move your vehicle to an area out of the sunlight so you will be able to work on the windshield without glare. Clean the area thoroughly using glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Look closely at the cracked portion to see if there are any slivers of glass embedded in the cracks. Use the pointed end of a pushpin or the blade of a utility knife to scrape out any particles left behind. If you fail to remove these pieces, the material you use to fill the crack might not adhere to the broken edges of the glass properly due to obstruction.

Filling In The Cracks

Purchase a windshield repair kit to fill in the broken areas of the glass. You can find a windshield repair kit in an auto parts store or at a glass shop. This kit will consist of a plastic applicator that needs to be applied to your windshield using the attached suction cups. Center this applicator so the reservoir is centered directly over the middle of the crack you are trying to fill in. 

Pour the enclosed resin into the reservoir and use the flange at the top of the application device to pump it into the crack. Use a firm up and down motion when pumping the flange, in the same way you would use a toilet plunger. This will push all of the resin into the crack underneath. After the crack has been filled in, remove the applicator.

Finishing Touches

Place the film provided in the kit over the area you had just filled with resin. Use a credit card and scrape it gently along the film from one end to the other in order to smooth out the resin so there are no bumpy portions on the glass. Move your vehicle into the sunlight so the resin will harden into place. After a few hours, use a piece of lint-free cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean off the area you had just repaired.