Reasons To Stop Delaying Windshield Replacement

20 March 2015
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Does your windshield have a small crack or chip in it? Are you tempted to simply ignore it? Here are some reasons why you should stop delaying a windshield replacement for your vehicle:

You could get ticketed: While you might think that your windshield's crack is minor, your local police department might not be of the same opinion. In many areas, a cracked windshield is justification enough to pull over a vehicle. This is especially true if the crack is partially or entirely on the driver's side of the windshield. Just like with a broken tail light, a cracked or chipped windshield is considered to be a potential hazard. Even relatively minor cracks or chips can potentially impair the driver's view and possibly contribute to an accident. By getting a windshield replacement when you notice an issue, you'll avoid getting a ticket and having to pay what could be a large fine. 

It could be dangerous if you don't: Depending on the severity of the damage to the glass, the crack could easily start to grow. Almost before you know it, your windshield could have multiple cracks in it. Due to the structure of the glass being compromised, it could also wind up shattering completely when you least expect it. While the shattered glass itself should be relatively harmless, it will at least be an inconvenience. At the most, it could be dangerous if it shatters unexpectedly while you're driving down the freeway because you'll be dealing with flying glass and strong winds gusting in through the empty space. If the windshield breaks out unexpectedly, the car may be impossible to drive to the shop and require towing instead. By having it taken care of quickly instead of waiting for the crack to get bigger, you'll completely avoid this issue.

It's inexpensive: Have you been avoiding windshield replacement because of the possible expense? Your car insurance may cover some or even all of the replacement costs. Check your policy or talk to your insurance agent to find out exactly what is and what is not covered. Some insurance companies may want you to use a particular shop for the replacement. Other companies simply cover the cost of replacement, up to a certain dollar amount. They may even allow you to get a better windshield in the process, such as one that better filters out UV light. If allowed by your state, this could also be the perfect time to have part of your windshield tinted. 

No matter what your reasons are for avoiding a windshield replacement, it's clear that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Save both time and money by having your windshield replaced as soon as you notice a potential problem. Both you and your loved ones will be glad that you did. For more information, contact a local windshield replacement company like Accurate Glass