Three Window Repairs That Your Double-Pane Windows Eventually Need

13 March 2015
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If you have invested in replacing the windows in your home, or you have a new home, the energy efficient windows in your home will eventually need repairs done. These windows are energy efficient, but not indestructible. Things like seals in double-panes, broken glass and other repairs may need to be done to your windows. It is not necessary to completely replace windows when simple repairs can be done. Here are three repairs that you may need to have done to your energy efficient windows:

1. Fogging Between Panes Of Glass

When you have windows with more than one pane of glass, fogging can be a problem. Humid climates often have problems with windows that get moisture trapped between the panes. The seal between the panes becoming damaged often cause this. Repairing the seams can often solve the problem. With humid locations, such as near bodies of water or the ocean, the problem may persist. Another option is to use thicker single pane glass with window film to reduce condensation problems between the glass.

2. Cracking In The Corners Of The Glass

Sometimes, the corners of the glass can become cracked due to seals becoming worn, the window being out of plumb, or from manufacturer defects. This problem can be fixed by replacing the glass panes in the window. This is something that a window repair contractor can do for you by removing the damaged glass inserts and replacing them with new ones. This is also a good time to change the look of your windows if you want to have grids in your window or solid glass.

3. Broken Glass Panes On One Side Of Windows

With double-pane windows, often one side of the glass can become broken. This is something that can happen to the inside or outside of the window. It is a problem that will require replacement of the glass insert. If this is due to an accident on an area of your home, where you do activities indoors or outdoors, you may want to consider having the window replaced with a tempered glass to prevent glass from breaking. It is required in many areas of your home, but you may want to use it for glass replacement even if it is not required for the damaged window.

These are some of the repairs that you may eventually need to have done to your energy efficient windows. If you have double-pane glass that is damaged, contact a window repair service at places like Healy Anytime Glass Co to fix the glass in your windows.