How To Make Glass Shower Doors More Private

11 March 2015
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Although they can make bathrooms look elegant, modern and sophisticated, glass shower doors don't provide much privacy. With traditional showers, you can just hang a opaque, patterned or cloth curtain to create a private space. If you crave more privacy than your glass shower doors provide, it's time to get creative in the bathroom. In addition to eliminating overexposure at bath time, these techniques can also give your bathroom a decorative touch.

Some ways to make a glass shower door more private include:

1. Hang a Shower Curtain

Who says that you can't hang a curtain on a glass shower door? To do this, install a spring-tension curtain rod in front of the shower door. The rods are adjustable, so they can span the distance between the walls on either side of the shower for a perfect fit.

Next, hang a shower curtain on the rod using plastic or metal rings, just as you would with a traditional shower. Simply slide the curtain to one side as you exit the shower.

To make the curtain as decorative as it is useful, choose one that enhances the overall look of the bathroom. For instance, pick a seashell- or tropical fish-patterned curtain in an island-inspired space. To add a pop of color in a neutral bathroom, hang a vibrant, yellow, red or turquoise curtain and choose coordinating towels to complete the look. 

2. Window Clings

Using window clings to add privacy to a see-through glass shower door is another creative idea. Choose removable clings made for use on glass to avoid damaging the surface of the door. Before applying the clings, make sure the glass is clean and dry. If the glass is covered with dust or debris, the clings won't adhere properly.

To cover a large door space, you'll either need large clings or a lot of smaller ones. Again, take the bathroom's decor them into consideration when choosing the cling designs. You can go with big flower-shaped clings for a garden-themed room, or ship- and lighhouse-shaped clings in a nautical-inspired space. 

3. Window Film

Although using window film to add privacy to your glass shower door is a less decorative option, it will easily get the job done. Window film options include opaque, frosted and even color-tinted choices. Depending on your preference, you can choose a film with a slight blue, green, red, or any other hue tint. Some films also feature patterns, such as flowers or geometric designs. 

You simply purchase the film in sheets and cut it to custom-fit your shower door. Talk to experts like Glass Service Center Inc for more information.