How To Design Your Ideal Bathroom

3 March 2015
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Imagine having a bathroom that you absolutely love. It's laid out in a way that perfectly suits your lifestyle, and everything about the color and decor just fits. This imagined fantasy can become a reality. Whether you're remodeling your old, loveable house or designing the house of your dreams, these four tips will help you craft the bathroom of your dreams:

1. Plan the layout to suit your lifestyle.

Are you a bubble bath soaker? If so, give your bath tub the spotlight by placing it in the center of your master bathroom. Consider investing in a vintage-style clawfoot bathtub for extra charm and drama. Perhaps you're a beauty enthusiast. In that case, place the mirror near a window to maximize natural light for easy makeup application. Enlist the help of an architect to help bring your vision to life.

2. Choose a focal point.

Don't be afraid to splurge on key elements of your bathroom design. Functional objects can make beautiful statement pieces. Think outside the box; consider getting a mirror in an unconventional shape. A specialty glass shop will be able to craft delightful, original glass pieces for your bathroom. A custom shower door is another idea that combines both beauty and functionality. For example, partially frosted shower doors preserve a bather's modesty with a modern twist.

3. Invest in quality lighting.

People spend a lot of time in bathrooms over the course of their lives. Make sure it's a pleasant experience by choosing quality lighting. Daylight bulbs provide classic, neutral lighting for all your grooming needs, while soft, warm lights can add a romantic charm to your bathroom. For the best mirror lighting, place lamps on either side of the mirror and above it as well. This will rid you of unwanted shadows, states Better Homes and Gardens.

4. Don't forget the floor.

The floor may be an often overlooked part of your home, but it's arguably the biggest component! The material that you choose for your bathroom floor can set the design tone for the rest of the bathroom. Linoleum is easy to care for and quite beautiful if you pick the right colors. Try a black and white patterned linoleum for a retro vibe. Alternatively, you could opt for a ceramic tiled floor. Ceramic tile is classic and durable, although it may be slippery when wet.

There are so many possibilities to choose from when designing your own bathroom. Creating a bathroom from scratch is a creative exercise with real and lasting benefits for you and your family. These four tips should get you started planning your new space.