Tips On Keeping A Frameless Shower Door Spotless

25 February 2015
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A frameless shower door needs to be kept clean to enhance the look and design of your bathroom. Frameless shower doors are generally solid glass, and any built-up debris on your door will stand out and give your bathroom a dirty look.

Implementing a cleaning regime for keeping your shower spotless is important if you want to improve the appearance and maximize the life of your frameless door. 

The importance of prevention

Maintaining your shower door is all about prevention. Frequent cleanings will keep buildup under control and prevent permanent marks and stains from forming. Ideally, you should quickly clean your door on a daily basis, or after every time you use your shower. Using a squeegee is the most effective way to quickly wipe away water spots. 

Also, it's a good idea to have your door coated with a surface protector. A transparent polymer coating can be applied to your door that will smooth out the door's surface and assist in preventing buildup. 

Give your door a deep clean

If you're giving your door a daily cleaning, you'll find that you very rarely need to do a deep clean. However, over time you might notice that finger print marks or buildup from soap scum can not be removed without a little more elbow grease and the application of a cleaning solution. 

The most important thing to remember when you're giving your door a deep clean is to be selective regarding the cleaner you use. You need to find a shower cleaner that doesn't contain harsh cleaning agents that might damage your shower door. You also might want to look into an environmentally friendly product that doesn't contain toxic chemicals

When choosing a product, you should definitely look for a non-ammonia glass cleaner. Cleaners that are ammonia-based are caustic and can damage the hardware on your frameless shower door. 

Getting a water softener

If you've got hard water, it could be difficult to keep your shower clean. The mineral deposits and soap scum that tend to build up on shower parts in a home with hard water are some of the most difficult marks to get rid of. 

Check to see if you have hard water if you've noticed pesky buildup on your door. Having a water softener installed will quickly remedy the problem. Not only will getting rid of hard water make it easier to keep your glass shower door clean, but it can also improve the efficiency of a variety of different appliances in your home. Talk to places like Allied Glass and Mirror for more information.