Understanding The Basics Of Choosing Hurricane Shutters Or Impact-Resistant Glass

2 September 2018
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When you live in a coastal area, there are things you need to be concerned about that don't typically affect those in the more inland environments. For example, coastal areas are more susceptible to damage from hurricanes and other similar storms that inland areas don't experience. If you've recently moved to an area like this and you're trying to ensure that your home is protected, you may be trying to decide if hurricane shutters are enough, or if you need to invest in impact-resistant windows. Read More 

Ideas For Using Glass In Your Home

14 May 2018
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Using glass in your home is a good way to make your rooms seem larger and seem less cluttered. Glass is used for many purposes in home decorating, and it can be used in just about every room in your home. Here are a few ideas for using glass in different rooms. Bathroom Shelves Small bathrooms look cluttered when you add shelves and other accessories to the space. However, you need a few shelves to hold the things you use often or to hold small plants. Read More