Options For Fixing Broken Windows

6 April 2016
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If your glass window is broken, there are several different solutions for fixing the glass. Here are some of the best repair and replacement options.

Glass Repair

A glass repair is the first option to consider if you have a minor break in your window. There are a few options for fixing a crack to prevent it from spreading out. For instance, different types of industrial glass glue can be applied to hold the pieces in place. Your glass repair shop might also create an arc at either end of the crack, which can keep the glass from cracking further. Finally, the glass repair shop might use a material that looks like glass to fill in cracks and holes to preserve the appearance of your glass.

Window Pane Replacement

If you deem the window too broken to repair, then the next step is to think about a window pane replacement. With this fix, your glass repair shop will order a new window pane and possibly cut it to fit your existing frame. This can save you some money, but only some frames are eligible for this fix; some types of older frames are so attached to the windows that they're difficult to remove without destroying them. If you do opt for a window pane replacement, make sure to get glass that is a similar thickness to your old window glass, to prevent excessive pressure on the window frame.

Full Window Replacement

A full window replacement is likely to include replacing the window's frame as well as the glass sheet. This can be a good option if the window is old and you were planning to replace it soon anyway. There may be some new materials to choose from with insulated construction; in the long run, these can save you a lot of energy compared to non-insulated frames. With newer windows, you can also add a layer of security to your home since the windows may be thicker and harder to break into.

The one thing to avoid is neglecting to repair or replace your glass. Even small chips can widen out over time as the temperature changes and pressure cause the crack to widen. Even if you can't afford a full-out replacement, opt for a minimal treatment of a simple glass repair to prevent the problem from getting worse. Each of the solutions above has its plusses and minuses, so choose the one that fits your budget and plans. To learn more, contact a glass repair company like One Cut Glass