Different Ways To Improve Your Home's Windows

1 November 2015
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The cost of replacing just one window can be around $4,700, which gets very expensive when you want to change out more than one. Instead of buying and installing brand new windows throughout your home, you should look into the different ways of improving them.

Replace the Glass

The glass for your windows is one area you can improve, by changing out the glass. Choosing to replace the glass will cost $248 on average, which is a more reasonable price when you want to improve multiple windows.

The first thing to do for this type of enhancement is to determine the right type of glass for your window. Many older windows will have a single pane of glass, which is not the most energy-efficient option. A single pane of glass does not reduce airflow and UV rays very well, which means your windows could be the reason for higher utility bills.

For this reason, it is best to look for window glass that has two or three panes. Aside from more glass, these products also have a gas in between, which helps reduce airflow and UV rays. However, each glass product has different ratings for how energy efficient it is, so you need to consult a glass company to find out which ones will best suit your needs.

Install New Locking Products

Replacing how your windows lock is another way to improve them. With this option, you can also install different products that keep your windows secure at all times.

First, you should replace any loose or damaged locks to help keep the windows closed. However, when you only use a basic window lock, it may not be strong enough to keep some unwanted people out of your home.

With that in mind, it is important to look into other locking products such as side window locks. These locks come in several forms, which generally attach to the side portion of the window frame. You have the option of choosing a model that also allows the window to open, but you can see these locks so that the windows will only open to a specific height.

If you have windows that swing outwards, you can find locks with movable pieces so the window can still open. These locks are little more bulky, but they are worth it when you want to keep your home secure.

When you want better windows, but replacing them is not an option, you need to look into the different improvements you can make. By taking the opportunity to gather some additional information, you can choose the right enhancements for your windows. Contact a company like United Glass Service Inc for more information.